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Close your eyes… envision your feet touching the soil of where life began.

Now take a deep breath... imagine being fully immersed in the language, food, culture, folklore, music, art and dance of Africa. Awaken your senses to the endless possibilities of an extraordinary place filled with mysticism coupled with a rich and dynamic history.


Exhale… indulge yourself with sensational cultural workshops and experiences unlike any other. Wake up every morning to the sights and sounds of Africa and prepare for a guaranteed adventure of a lifetime.


It’s time to open your eyes.


Join us on a three-week voyage to The Gambia, Sénégal, and Mali in West Africa. Explore some of the most powerful and historical sites in both Countries while tasting authentic traditional dishes and taking part in daily folkloric practices of drumming and dance by legendary artists and entertainers. 


Visit the exciting market places in Serekunda and Achellum and shop for one of a kind items. Then, enjoy the relaxing atmosphere at one of the many forest parks, beaches, and/or the buzzing nightlife. 


You will dwell in a comfortable, shared, traditional housing, fully immersed with the locals having all amenities. Inquire within for individual room.


Fekk Ci Ñu! ~ "Join us" in the Wolof Language

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