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About Djapo

In the Wolof language, Djapo means, “Together."

Considered one of the premiere cultural arts organizations in Ohio, Djapo Cultural Arts Institute is a professional Performing Arts Company comprised of talented
artists from around the world. Founded in 2009 by Artistic Director Talise A. Campbell, Djapo Cultural Arts has touched over 450,000 people through performances, school assemblies, residencies, and workshops. Thousands more
have enjoyed Djapo’s artistry at their highly anticipated annual Juneteenth African Dance & Drum Festival and Concert, which draws people from all over the world.


Djapo’s mission is to engage the community in the preservation and understanding of African diasporic works in music, dance, history and folklore through research, dialogue, community building, international travel and
theatrical performance in order to foster collective learning and growth.


With a repertory of over 40 works from Artistic Director Talise Campbell as well as other nationally esteemed choreographers, Djapo sends a message of diversity
and inclusion. The company continually expands the reach of artistic possibilities making long lasting connections while celebrating the universal spirit of dance.

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